K&N Filters Made in America


If you’re like most American V-Twin owners your ride is your pride and joy. You’ve probably spent countless hours in the garage keeping your bike looking and running its best. After all, beautiful American-Made craftsmanship deserves devoted attention to detail.

At K&N we know exactly how you feel. We take filtration seriously. Designed, built, and tested right here in the U.S.A; K&N air filter media is tested using ISO5011 procedures, developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Anyone can flow more air. The trick is to flow more air safely. In our opinion we hit the sweet spot – an optimal blend of high airflow, filtration, durability and dust capacity. K&N’s goal is to design air filters with the maximum possible airflow achievable while providing guaranteed engine protection. In addition, this protection will last a lifetime thanks to the fact that K&N air filters are washable and reusable.

Some companies build oil free air filters, others claim to capture the most dirt. K&N’s goal is to build the best performance air filter. Our oil is the magic ingredient. The oil used on a K&N Air Filter is the tacking agent designed to capture dirt and dust. If you need a visual, imagine how flypaper would perform if it weren’t sticky. Even a K&N High-Flow OE replacement air filter is limited by the size of the original air cleaner. Most OE air cleaners provide a major point of restriction. This is the idea behind a K&N High-Flow Performance Intake Assembly.

By lessening the restriction imposed on the engine by the OE air cleaner, K&N’s Performance Intake Assemblies are able to generate horsepower and torque increases that you’ll feel every time you twist the throttle. Clean air is important as you cruise the highways with your American V-Twin. Equally important is clean oil. Just as we did with air filters nearly 40 years ago, K&N is taking oil filtration to the next level. K&N has teamed up with a highly-reputable manufacturer to develop a premium oil filter built with special synthetic media providing high-flow rates, and outstanding filtration. All this is incorporated into a simple wrench-off design delivering performance, confidence and ease of installation.

If you take pride knowing your American V-Twin is protected by the finest products on the market, then choose K&N. Whether you’re looking for high filtration, increased performance, or an American made product that will last a lifetime, makes no difference. The choice is clear.

Make your Move® to K&N!


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